Fostering Your Child’s Unique Abilities with Podar Prep

Fostering Your Child’s Unique Abilities with Podar Prep

Usually, parents talk about how different their children are, different from their siblings and cousins. This keen observation leads us to a crucial point about ‘Child Development’—every child is distinct, and recognising their unique abilities is key.

 Our Curriculum is rich with artistic endeavours, countering the stereotype that arts are somehow less valuable. We believe in holistic learning and breaking free from outdated norms. For our budding artists, we’ve got three pieces of parenting advice for children:

  1. Expose your child to a plethora of artistic activities. Haven’t decided between Mozart and Monet yet? No problem! Let them explore various forms, from the ‘Montessori Approach’ inspired tactile activities to the melodies that filled Ravi Shankar’s soul.
  1. Storytelling can be a powerful tool. Introduce your little one to the giants in the art field, from Indian authors. Children’s books that narrate the lives of these legends can spark inspiration and foster a deep appreciation for the arts.
  1. Hands-on activities are the cornerstone of child-centric education’.Through online shopping, you’ll find art kits showcasing Indian art forms such as Warli and Madhubani, designed for young hands to explore and create.

In our classrooms, this philosophy comes to life. We integrate kindergarten programs with puzzles and projects that celebrate Indian art traditions to understand toddler behaviour through engagement with cultural heritage.

Podar Prep’s art-immersive curriculum is a voyage of exploration, expression and growth. It dives into Indian art forms like Warli (drawing with shapes), Madhubani (drawing with lines), and Gond (drawing with dots). We also embrace global art forms like Henri Matisse (painting with scissors), Calder (mobiles), and Piet Mondrian (painting with lines and colours).

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Remember, whether at Podar Prep Preschool or at home, encouraging your child to delve into their interests; be it through early childhood education or play is the best way to support their growth. Let them paint their world with colours of curiosity and brushes of confidence.

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