Colours of Learning: Art- Immersive curriculum at Podar Prep 

Colours of Learning: Art- Immersive curriculum at Podar Prep 

Art is more than just colours on paper; it’s an avenue for young minds to explore, create, and learn. At Podar Prep Preschool, we understand that nurturing creativity is essential in a child’s development journey.

Art- A Universal Language:

Children have an innate love for drawing, a canvas where their imagination knows no bounds. But sometimes, criticism can stifle this creativity. Art should be an experience that stimulates imagination, language, observation, and decision-making skills while boosting self-esteem.

Our commitment to fostering creativity goes a step further. We engage children with their drawings, asking open-ended questions. Their responses are documented alongside their artwork. This values their effort and offers parents a window into their child’s creative world.

The Power of Metacognition:

At Podar Prep Preschool, it’s not just about cognition; it’s about metacognition, too. Our approach helps children not only think but also think about their thinking. Activities like drawing, painting, pasting, clay moulding, tearing, cutting, and folding build a foundation for deeper understanding.

Diverse Exploration:

Our curriculum dives into Indian art forms like Warli (drawing with shapes), Madhubani (drawing with lines), and Gond (drawing with dots). We also embrace global art forms like Henri Matisse (painting with scissors), Calder (mobiles), and Piet Mondrian (painting with lines and colours).



The Art-Immersive curriculum at Podar Prep Preschool does more than create beautiful pieces. It nurtures creativity, encourages expression, and helps children see the world in colours, shapes, and lines. We’re not just shaping artistic skills; we’re shaping future thinkers and creators. Art isn’t just about what’s on the paper; it’s about the journey to get there. Our art-immersive curriculum is a voyage of exploration, expression, and growth. It’s a journey where every stroke, every shape, and every colour becomes a part of a child’s learning story.

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