learning environmenT

The ideal environment to nurture your Child

At Podar Prep we consider the environment to be the Third Teacher (the first and second being the parent and teacher). Our unique early years environment incorporates vibrant design consideration for optimal learning, incorporating state-of-the art facilities and equipment to promote a holistic, creative and technologically-enriched early childhood learning program. The environment of the classrooms, corridors, and washrooms speaks of the children and the rich educational experiences that occur within it. The prime goal of our learning environment is to make children’s presence and voices visibly felt, heard and reflected.

The Key learning spaces at Podar Prep includes:

Large classrooms

Large classrooms designed for children.


Many classrooms are equipped with technology such as projectors, interactive whiteboards and Ipads.

Free Access

Promoting free access to materials and movement

Special design

Specially designed child friendly furniture.

Interactive outdoors

Interactive outdoor learning areas.

Immersive Spa

Necessary sensory stimulus for creating happy brains.