Providing the best start to your Child’s education Journey

Through our KIDUCATION approach, age-appropriate activities & the right balance of learning & fun, we ensure that your child’s introduction to schooling is positive in every way.

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( Age 2-3 years)

The program is designed around play and caters to the development of Physical and Socio-Emotional Skills. The activities in the curriculum help children build a foundation for playing, exploring and learning in a developmentally appropriate manner.

Curriculum is focussed on basic colours, shapes, numeracy and literacy activities with a dash of precoding and science play activities.


Emerging roots:
(Age 3 -4 years)

The program is designed to give children a strong foundation of inquiry based learning through play, stories, dance and more. The activities in the curriculum help nurture the child’s growing brain and stimulate their language, communication and cognitive development.

Curriculum is focussed on learning more colours, shapes, numbers, the alphabet, emerging literacy and writing and numeracy with a sprinkling of precoding and science play activities.


Budding Plants:
Junior Kindergarten
(Age 4-5 years)

The program is infused with activities that help children in foundational literacy and numeracy and strengthen their language and communication skills.

Children enjoy logic and analytical activities in the curriculum that lead to exploration, thinking and understanding.

Curriculum is focussed on learning primary and secondary colours, 3D and 2D shapes, writing capital and small letters of the alphabet, phonics, counting and writing numbers, basic number operations and a strong foundation of precoding and science activities.


Growing plants:
Senior Kindergarten
(Age 5-6 years)

The program ensures that children are now able to read and write fluently and are strong in numerical skills. Children enjoy science and technology in a play infused manner and are now confident communicators, thinkers and creators.

Curriculum focusses on reading blends, words, sentences, spellings, writing short sentences. Exploring naming and matching all kinds of shapes, primary, secondary and unusual colours. Numeracy activities, addition and subtraction, odd and even and many other concepts. Precoding activities and science and technology infusion.