How can my Franchise be successful ?

How do you succeed making your Podar Prep Centre the most sought after pre-primary school in your area ?

To make your Podar Prep Centre the most sought-after pre-primary school in your area,
you should focus on several key strategies:

Quality Education and Curriculum

Podar Prep has a very comprehensive curriculum. This curriculum has been developed after lots of research and has won numerous awards as well. Franchise partners should ensure that the lesson plans and teaching resources that are provided to them by Podar Education Network are followed by the teachers in the Franchise centre.

Qualified and Passionate Staff

Hire educators who are not only qualified but also passionate about teaching young children. Regular training and development programs for staff also helps in maintaining high teaching standards. Podar Education Network will also be conducting training sessions for your staff.

Safe and Stimulating Environment

Create a safe, welcoming, and stimulating learning environment. This includes having a clean and secure facility with age-appropriate learning materials and play equipment. Podar Education Network will provide a list of toys and equipment that the centre should have. Vendor details will also be provided for furniture and other items required in the centre.

Parental Involvement and Communication

Foster strong relationships with parents through regular communication and involvement in their child's education. This could be through parent-teacher meetings, newsletters, or special events. Podar Prep has multiple events that encourage parental involvement.

Use of Technology

Incorporate technology in a balanced manner to enhance learning. Podar Prep classrooms have Projectors to make learning interactive. A Learning App will also be provided to the partners.

Marketing and Community Involvement

Invest in marketing to raise awareness of your school in the local community.

Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Regularly seek feedback from parents and staff and be open to making improvements. This shows your commitment to excellence and responsiveness to the needs of your students and their families.

Accessibility and Convenience

Ensure your location is accessible and convenient for families in your area. Consider factors like transportation, school hours, and after-school care options.

Building a Strong Reputation

Word of mouth is powerful. Providing an exceptional educational experience will encourage parents to recommend your preschool to others.