The Power of Play: How Outdoor Play Shape Children’s Lives

The Power of Play: How Outdoor Play Shape Children’s Lives

At Podar Prep Preschool, we recognize that the power of play, particularly outdoor play is not just about physical activity—it’s a cornerstone of holistic learning.

Reasons why physical activities are essential in child development & factors to encourage active lifestyles in children:

#Reason 1: Kinesthetic Learning & Neural Development- Understanding toddler behaviour reveals that our little ones are wired to move, explore, and discover their world kinesthetically. In our kindergarten programs, outdoor play is not merely a recess break from academics; they’re an integral part of child development. As children run, jump, and play, they are not just burning energy; they are laying down the neural tracks for a lifetime of learning.

#Reason 2: The Montessori influence-  It significantly influences our curriculum and emphasises the importance of movement in early development. It’s a child-centric education principle that supports the notion that cognition and physical activity are profoundly interconnected.

#Reason 3: Spatial awareness- By engaging in physical activities, children learn about their bodies, the space around them, and the fundamental laws of physics that govern our physical world.

The factors to encourage active lifestyles in children include:

#Factor: Positive parenting- It plays a crucial role in nurturing an active lifestyle. As parents, you might wonder how you can steer your child away from becoming a ‘couch potato’ in a world where screens are more captivating than the great outdoors. Parenting advice often includes simple yet effective strategies: involve them in household activities, encourage them to run errands, and most importantly, lead by example.

#Factor 2: Parental Involvement- Parents actively participate in such activities with children. Positive reinforcement from parents for active endeavours to acknowledge effort and participation in physical activities and ensure that outdoor play activities are fun and non-pressurizing.

The power of play in shaping children’s lives is undeniable. In the formative years, it’s essential to encourage physical development through play. Remember, physical activities are not just about creating athletes; they are about building a foundation for robust intellectual and emotional growth. Let’s embrace the joys of play and watch our children soar to their highest potential.

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