Teaching Children to Voice Their Feelings at Podar Prep!

Teaching Children to Voice Their Feelings at Podar Prep!

At Podar Prep, we recognise that emotions are an integral part of our humanity, especially vivid and unfiltered in the world of children. From the earliest years, children display a spectrum of emotions, from joy to frustration, with an honesty that adults often learn to mask. A vital component of our early childhood education and kindergarten programs is teaching children to understand and express their feelings constructively, laying the groundwork for emotional intelligence that supports their holistic learning.

Embracing Emotions as Learning Opportunities

Children express emotions in raw, unrefined ways because their understanding of emotional regulation is still developing. It’s common to see expressions of anger through hitting or sadness through tears and tantrums. At Podar Prep, we see these moments not as challenges but as opportunities for learning and growth, integral to our child-centric education philosophy.

Guiding Emotional Expression

The journey of emotional education involves teaching children acceptable ways to express their feelings. It’s crucial to acknowledge that emotions themselves are not the issue; rather, it’s how these emotions are expressed that we can guide and shape. This understanding is a cornerstone of positive parenting and child development, emphasising that every emotion has its place and expression.

Learning Through Song

Music and rhythm are powerful tools for learning at Podar Prep. Songs like “Where is Pumpkin?” and “If You’re Happy and You Know It” go beyond their melodic appeal, serving as lessons in emotional expression. For instance, modifying the lyrics to include actions for a range of emotions, like “If you’re angry and you know it, stamp your feet,” helps children connect feelings with appropriate responses. These songs, accompanied by engaging posters, become a fun and memorable way for children to learn about managing their emotions.

Encouraging Healthy Emotional Expression

By integrating these musical activities into our curriculum, Podar Prep promotes an environment where children feel seen and understood. Encouraging children to voice their feelings through song or other creative outlets supports their emotional and social development, a key aspect of understanding toddler behaviour.

Our approach at Podar Prep is about more than just academic success; it’s about nurturing well-rounded individuals who can navigate the complexities of their emotions. Through Montessori-inspired activities and a supportive learning atmosphere, we prepare children not just for school, but for life, with the emotional tools they need to thrive.

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