PREParing for Success: 5 Skills Every Preschooler Needs

PREParing for Success: 5 Skills Every Preschooler Needs

In the journey of early childhood education, equipping preschoolers with the right set of skills is crucial for their overall development. We at Podar Prep, emphasise the importance of holistic learning. Here are the five skills every preschooler must have, reflecting the comprehensive approach of the best kindergarten programs and child-centric education.

1. Physical Skills: The Foundation of Growth

Physical development is the first stage of a child’s growth. Skills like crawling, walking, and coordination are fundamental. These skills form the base for further development. A preschool that incorporates physical activities in its curriculum, like those inspired by the Montessori approach, spiral approach, and STREAM ensures children develop these essential motor skills.

2. Language Skills: Building Communication

Language skills come next, allowing children to express themselves and understand others. This includes both verbal and non-verbal communication. We focus on language development through interactive activities, making it a key part of our toddler education programs.

3. Emotional Skills: Understanding and Expressing Feelings

Emotional development is crucial. It involves understanding and managing one’s own emotions and empathising with others. Recognizing emotions, like happiness or sadness, and expressing them appropriately is a vital part of social and emotional learning in early childhood.

4. Social Skills: Learning to Interact

Social skills involve interacting with peers and adults, sharing, and cooperating. These skills are critical for a child’s social development. Preschools that foster a nurturing and interactive environment help children learn to make friends and adapt to new social settings.

5. Cognitive Skills: The Thread That Binds All

Cognitive development encompasses thinking, problem-solving, and understanding the world. It’s the thread that binds all other skills. A curriculum that encourages curiosity and exploration, as seen in child-centric education programs, helps develop these critical thinking skills.


Selecting a preschool that focuses on these five essential skills is vital for your child’s holistic development. As highlighted in the New National Education Policy 2020 and embraced by Podar Prep, these skills form the ‘PanchaKosha’ – the five sheaths of holistic child development. By choosing a preschool that nurtures these areas, you’re setting your child on a path to success, equipped with the skills they need to thrive in all aspects of life.

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