Podar Prep’s Birthday Celebrations:  Nurturing Individuality

Podar Prep’s Birthday Celebrations:  Nurturing Individuality

Revolutionising the way we celebrate birthdays in our classrooms. At Podar Prep, we understand that birthdays are significant milestones in a child’s life. That’s why we make sure that each child’s special day is celebrated with joy, excitement, and a touch of personalization.

We’ve all heard the saying, “You are what you eat,” right? Well, we took this to heart after diving into an insightful article on nutrition by Rudolf Steiner. We learned that consuming too much sugar not only harms children’s teeth but also bypasses liver function, leading to potential liver disease. The effects of sugar go beyond physical health.

Considering we celebrate a birthday almost every week (and sometimes two), you can imagine the sugar overload our children are getting! So, we thought, why not turn birthdays into a healthier affair?

Here’s the fun part:

  • On their special day, the birthday child can dress up in whatever they love. They then distribute fresh fruit to their classmates instead of traditional sweets or chocolates. This simple act not only fosters the spirit of sharing but also encourages healthy eating.
  • As for return gifts, we’re promoting the joy of reading with story books. The budget? Just Rs.100. Just remember to get the book approved by the teacher a week before the big day.
  • We also invite parents to join the celebration, bringing along photos of the child from birth to the present. These photos become a key part of our Montessori-inspired “Birthday Walk,” a ritual symbolising the child’s journey through life. As the birthday child walks around the sun (a representation on the floor/table), we all sing about the Earth’s journey around the sun, marking each year of the child’s life. This helps children grasp the concept of months, years, and the earth’s revolution around the sun. It’s a beautiful way to highlight how much the child has grown, fostering a sense of community in the family and classroom.

At Podar Prep, we celebrate birthdays with health, joy, and learning at the heart of it all. Join us at Podar Prep, where birthdays become cherished moments of growth, happiness, and nurturing individuality.

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