Podar Prep’s Admission Kit: A Transition Tool For Parents

Podar Prep’s Admission Kit: A Transition Tool For Parents

As children embark on their exciting journey with Podar Prep, we want to introduce you to something that’ll be your child’s constant companion – the Podar Prep Admission Kit.

Every child who joins our family receives this carefully curated kit, packed with essentials and fun learning tools.

  • First off, we have the comfortable Jumbo Bag, perfect for your little one to carry their school essentials daily. It’s sturdy, spacious, and child-friendly.
  • Safety is a top priority at Podar Prep, and our Parent Smart Card embodies this commitment. This card, which parents fill out and get stamped on the first day of school, ensures your child’s safety. It’s your pass when picking up your child from school, so don’t forget to bring it along!
  • Our Kiducation Passport is a key communication tool between you and the teacher, travelling with your child to school every day. It details our school policies and systems, making it a must-read for all parents.
  • The Jumbo Collection of Rhymes, Songs, and Poems is a treasure trove of fun learning materials. Not only will your child enjoy these at school, but they can also be a great bonding activity at home.
  • Our unique Portfolio Book is our way of sharing your child’s growth and development, helping us collaborate to enhance their learning journey.
  • To foster a love for reading, we send home a storybook every week in our Book Club Book Pouch, setting your child on a lifelong adventure of reading and learning.
  • The Activity Books and Workbooks, along with the Jumbo Reader, Notebooks, and Accordion Books, are designed to strengthen learning and enhance skills in a fun and interactive way.
  • Lastly, our Jumbo Number Magic Home Play Kit makes learning math a blast with a host of activities for your child to enjoy both at school and at home.

So, welcome aboard! With the Podar Prep Admission Kit, we’re all set to make your child’s learning journey a memorable and enjoyable one. Let’s begin this adventure together!

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