Parenting on the Clock: Time Management Guide for Working Parents

Parenting on the Clock: Time Management Guide for Working Parents

The balancing act of being a working parent is like being an acrobat in the circus of life, isn’t it? Especially in the context of early childhood education in preschools in India, where the importance of parental involvement is held in high esteem. At Podar Prep Preschool, we understand the struggles of time management for working parents, and here’s a little guide we’ve put together to ease your parenting journey:


Prioritisation of Parental Duties:  Firstly, let’s acknowledge that managing a career and kindergarten programs, along with the myriad other responsibilities of parenting, is no small feat. But, remember, while work is significant, the child development stage is fleeting and precious. The Podar Prep curriculum, whether it be the Montessori approach or a more traditional model, emphasises the need for holistic learning, which is where you, the parents, play a crucial role.

Here’s the crux of parenting advice: You are a working parent, it’s a title that comes with responsibilities. Let’s talk about the non-negotiables, shall we? If your child is going through an emotional upheaval, your presence can be the balm to their little hearts. Understanding toddler behaviour isn’t just a task for educators; it’s a parental imperative too.

Availability & efforts: Illness is another such time when the warmth of a parent’s love is the best medicine. The child-centric education we believe in extends beyond preschool; it’s about the nurturing environment at home too. And when it comes to special school events, witnessing your pride and support is an invaluable gift to your child that far outweighs physical presents.

We get it; work can’t always be put on pause, but try rearranging that busy schedule to prioritise these key moments. In the path of positive parenting, remember, you’re not just raising a child; you’re raising a future adult. The time you spend with them today is the foundation of their tomorrow.

So, dear working parents, give yourself a pat on the back. Juggling isn’t easy but with a little bit of planning, prioritising, and, yes, sometimes improvising, you’re not just getting by — you’re excelling in the art of ‘Parenting on the Clock’.

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