Math Made Easy: The Power Of Podar Prep’s Numeracy Education Program 

Math Made Easy: The Power Of Podar Prep’s Numeracy Education Program 

Mathematics can be a challenging subject for many children, but Podar Prep being the best preschool in India has transformed the way young minds perceive and learn maths. Our innovative Number Magic Numeracy Education Program’ is a testament to their commitment to making maths learning fun and engaging. We further introduced the Number Magic Home Play Kit for continued learning at home in a play-based method. Here’s a look at how this program revolutionises early childhood education and numeracy development.

1. Discovering Love for Numbers at Home

The Number Magic Home Play Kit is meticulously designed to extend the learning experience from the classroom to the home environment. This approach aligns perfectly with our philosophy of child-centric education, where learning is not confined to traditional classroom settings. By incorporating maths learning into daily home activities, children develop a natural affinity for numbers.

2. Empowering Children with Math Skills

One of the key benefits of the Number Magic Numeracy Education Program is its focus on empowering children with essential maths skills from a young age through the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract method of teaching and learning.  This foundation is crucial in holistic learning and forms a part of our comprehensive curriculum for children. Early exposure to numeracy skills fosters confidence and competence in maths.

3. Encouraging Family Engagement in Learning

Podar Prep’s approach to maths education also encourages active family involvement. Positive parenting includes participating in your child’s educational journey. This kit provides an excellent opportunity for parents to engage with their children in meaningful and educational activities, reinforcing the concepts learned at school.

4. Fostering a Love for Numbers

Through engaging resources as a part of the Number Magic Numeracy Education Program used by children both at home and school, they develop a love for numbers. This approach is critical in early childhood education and kindergarten programs, as it sets the tone for a positive and long-lasting relationship with maths.

5. Aligning with Child Development and Parenting

Understanding toddler behaviour is key to effective teaching, and the Number Magic Home Play Kit does just that. It aligns with the natural curiosity and learning pace of young children, making it an integral tool in child development and parenting.

6. Advice for Parents

For parents looking to support their child’s maths learning, the Number Magic Home Play Kit offers a practical and enjoyable way to do so. Parenting advice often emphasises the importance of nurturing learning in a stress-free, playful manner, which is precisely what this kit offers.


In conclusion, Podar Prep’s  Number Magic Numeracy Education Program is more than just an educational tool; it’s a bridge connecting school learning with home activities, making maths enjoyable and accessible for children.  

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