Looping and Learning: How coding Activities Foster a cycle of learning

Looping and Learning: How coding Activities Foster a cycle of learning

We use the ‘gifts’ designed by the father of Kindergarten, Fredrich Froebel and as well other Coding toys to develop screen free pre-coding skills. One of the pre-coding skills that children learn is Looping. Looping  is about problem solving, following and giving instructions, becoming prepared to interact with technology around them in a safe and secure manner.

At first, learning the pre-Coding skill of Looping might sound a bit techy but is actually a non-screen activity at Podar Prep. Now, before you picture children hunched over computers like mini programmers, let’s understand what “looping” really means. Think of it as a fun and creative way to teach about patterns, repetition, and problem-solving. Just like how we loop through our favourite nursery rhymes, looping in Coding is about repeating instructions to achieve a specific result. It’s a bit like a magical recipe – follow the steps, and voilà, you get something awesome!

Everyday Concepts Turned Engaging:

At Podar Prep, we are dedicated to nurturing young minds through innovative techniques. We take simple concepts, like recurring story elements, and mould them into captivating learning adventures. As they repeat lines or phrases, they grasp patterns, boost memory, and comprehend repetition. This insight into coding’s world happens organically!

Beyond Nursery Rhymes:

Looping isn’t limited to rhymes; it bridges into numeral and letter learning too. As children grasp the notion of repetition, they lay a foundation for future maths and language skills. It’s a mindset that nurtures critical thinking and problem-solving. Understanding loops equips them to confront challenges and uncover solutions.

Your Partner in Innovative Learning:

Our education at Podar Prep is a voyage of discovery, driven by innovation. We’re fostering confident problem-solvers, imaginative thinkers, and lifelong learners. Coding transcends computers; but here with the non-screen coding activities at Podar Prep, it’s about nurturing curiosity and prepping for a world of endless opportunities.

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