Learning by Doing: Experiential Learning for Multifaceted Growth at Podar Prep

Learning by Doing: Experiential Learning for Multifaceted Growth at Podar Prep

In the dynamic world of early childhood education, the introduction of the NCF 2022 has put a spotlight on the power of experiential learning. At Podar Prep, we’ve embraced this philosophy wholeheartedly, weaving multifaceted learning experiences into the fabric of our kindergarten programs. But what exactly does it mean to engage in experiential learning, and how does it foster multifaceted growth in children?

Experiential Learning: The Podar Prep Way

Learning by doing isn’t just a method; it’s a journey of discovery, curiosity, and connection. At Podar Prep, we dismantle the traditional barriers between subjects, integrating sports, art, storytelling, and science into a cohesive learning experience. This integrated approach allows children to explore general knowledge concepts through an array of activities, from art projects that depict the water cycle to songs and physical games that reinforce their understanding.

Making Connections: The Heart of Logic and Long-term Learning

The magic unfolds when children begin to make connections across different learning modalities. Imagine learning about the water cycle not just through a textbook but by painting, singing, and embodying raindrops in a dance. This is where true learning occurs – at the intersection of fun and education, where logic is built and lessons are retained for the long haul.

Integrated Learning at Podar Prep

Our curriculum celebrates this integration, with general knowledge lessons springing to life through stories about flowers, insects, or animals. Each story sets the stage for a month-long exploration of a topic through art, sports, and even culinary adventures, embodying our Montessori approach to education. Activities like Warli painting or outdoor play games themed around vegetables exemplify how concepts can be explored through art, cooking, and play, embodying the essence of holistic learning.

Learning for Life

At Podar Prep, we prepare children not just for the next academic step, but for life. Through experiential learning, we aim to instil a love for discovery that transcends the classroom, nurturing child development in a way that’s engaging, meaningful, and lasting. This approach underpins our commitment to positive parenting and child-centric education, ensuring that every child is equipped to navigate the world with confidence, creativity, and a lifelong zest for learning.

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