Beyond Books: The Power of Experiential Learning at Podar Prep

Beyond Books: The Power of Experiential Learning at Podar Prep

As parents, we all want our children to experience the joy of learning. Through experiential learning, children at Podar Prep get to explore and make sense of the world. Let’s dive deep into hands-on learning, arts integration, sports education, and storytelling-based pedagogy at Podar Prep.

Hands-on Learning

What’s the best way for children to understand concepts? Let them touch, feel, and explore. At Podar Prep, hands-on learning is a cornerstone. From building blocks to creating crafts, these activities help develop fine motor skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. All concepts related to understanding my world, literacy and numeracy involve hands-on learning.

Arts-Integrated Education

It’s paint time! But wait, it’s not just about colours. At Podar Prep, art is interwoven into different subjects. When children draw a butterfly, they’re also learning about the insect’s lifecycle. This integration makes learning enjoyable and ensures that children absorb information in a fun and creative way.

Sports-Integrated Education

Getting active is essential for a child’s growth. Podar Prep takes sports beyond just playtime. Integrating physical activities into learning, children engage in activities that teach them about teamwork, perseverance, and coordination. For example, playing basketball isn’t just a game; it’s also a lesson in physics and cooperation.

Storytelling-Based Pedagogy

Everyone loves a good story! At Podar Prep, stories are not just for entertainment. Storytelling-based pedagogy is employed to introduce complex concepts. Through narratives, children become part of a world where learning is as thrilling as their favourite fairy tale.

Podar Prep Preschool is a realm where experiential learning thrives. Children are not just reading about the world; they are living it through experiences. Through hands-on learning, arts-integrated education, sports, and storytelling, Podar Prep lays a foundation for a lifetime of joyful learning.

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