Know how Sharing teaches empathy and helps in child development

Know how Sharing teaches empathy and helps in child development

At Podar Prep, we understand the significance of teaching children to share by taking turns, a vital part of their holistic learning and development. Here’s how sharing activities not only teach empathy but also contribute significantly to child development:

Understanding the Stages of Play

   – Recognising that children go through different stages of play is crucial. Initially, children engage in solitary play, followed by parallel play, and eventually progress to collaborative play where sharing and turn-taking are learned, usually after age three. This understanding is a fundamental part of our curriculum for kids at Podar Prep, ensuring that our approach to teaching sharing is age-appropriate and effective.

Innovative Sharing Activities for Children Above Three

   – For children over three, we incorporate playful activities to encourage sharing. Using a sand timer to signify when children should exchange toys makes sharing a game, making it more appealing to young learners. This method is in line with positive parenting and child-centric education, turning a potentially challenging situation into an enjoyable learning experience.

Incorporating Elements of Care and Fun in Sharing

   – Another engaging technique involves introducing a teddy bear into playtime. Children are encouraged to share toys with the teddy bear every time a bell rings, adding elements of care and fun to the learning process. This approach aligns with early childhood education strategies at Podar Prep, where moral values are taught through interactive and enjoyable activities rather than direct instruction.

   – At this young age, direct moral instruction is less effective. Thus, we focus on game-like activities to teach sharing. These activities help children understand the joy and importance of sharing, fostering empathy and social skills essential for their overall development.

Through these methods, we ensure that children not only learn to share but also develop empathy and social skills, crucial components of child development and parenting. Our approach is designed to make learning about sharing a natural, enjoyable, and integral part of a child’s growth journey making it the best preschool in India.

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