Know how Podar Prep’s curriculum fosters physical & early brain development

Know how Podar Prep’s curriculum fosters physical & early brain development

Podar Prep’s curriculum is meticulously designed to foster both physical and early brain development in children. Here’s how our interactive and fun activities contribute to holistic growth:

Mini Mats – A Fusion of Fun and Development:

Our Mini Mats activity is more than just play. It’s a carefully crafted program that integrates agility and balance exercises, creating a dynamic space for children to improve their coordination and spatial awareness.

Parachute Play – Where Fun Meets Learning:

Parachute Play at Podar Prep is a unique blend of fun and developmental learning. Through interactive games, children enhance their teamwork abilities, coordination, and motor skills where we aim to boost sensory integration and spatial awareness.

Soft Play – Safe Exploration and Learning:

In our Soft Play area, children find a safe haven for exploration and play. This space is designed specifically to promote growth and development. The adventures in Soft Play allow children to explore, climb, and play in ways that enhance their dexterity and balance.

Dynamic Agility and Balance Exercises

   – Our curriculum includes a variety of agility and balance exercises, creating an enjoyable environment for children. These activities enhance coordination and spatial awareness, key components in early childhood education. Children learn to navigate their physical space better, contributing significantly to their overall development.

Integrating Fun with Learning through Freeze Dance

   – Freeze dance is not just about movement; it’s a brain break that elevates coordination, listening skills, and self-expression. This transition activity injects fun and energy into the learning process, preparing children for the next task with renewed focus and vigour.

Developing Skills with Hurdle Races

   – The exhilarating hurdle race activity at Podar Prep isn’t just a physical challenge; it’s a leap in developing balance, coordination, and agility. Children enhance their gross motor skills while having fun, adding a unique twist to physical development.

‘Crazy Train’ Adventure for Imaginative Learning

   – Our ‘crazy train’ activity is an imaginative expedition that enhances essential skills. Children step into a make-believe train station, navigating through fun and challenging instructions. This activity fosters listening, following directions, and teamwork, all through playful learning.

Fostering Teamwork and Quick Thinking

   – Alongside physical skills, children learn the value of teamwork and quick thinking. At Podar Prep, we believe in holistic learning, where activities are designed to nurture child development in a child-centric and fun-filled way.

These activities at Podar Prep are not just about movement; they are thoughtfully integrated into our curriculum for kids to ensure a balanced approach to toddler education and child development, making us one of the best preschools in India.

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