How to Generate Social and Emotional Development in Children through Stories and Rhymes

How to Generate Social and Emotional Development in Children through Stories and Rhymes

How can the simple joy of stories and rhymes become a powerful tool in nurturing a child’s social and emotional growth? In the nurturing environment of Podar Prep, we recognise the profound impact of stories and rhymes on the social and emotional development of pre-schoolers. Our kindergarten programs are designed to foster child development through holistic learning experiences. Here’s how we incorporate various activities to promote emotional growth and social skills among our young learners.

 Birthday Celebration Rituals based Montessori Birthday Walk:

At Podar Prep, our innovative approach to birthday celebrations not only brings joy but significantly contributes to the social and emotional development of children. By sharing fresh fruits instead of sweets, the birthday child learns the importance of healthy living and the joy of giving, nurturing empathy and social responsibility.

The selection of story books as return gifts fosters a love for reading and stimulates intellectual growth, while encouraging generosity and thoughtfulness. Our Montessori-inspired “Birthday Walk” ritual, a key highlight, deeply connects children to their personal history and the broader concept of time, promoting self-awareness and a sense of belonging within the community. Moreover, parents are an integral part of the birthday celebration with the child showcasing the growing years through photos and videos with all the children of the class.

Greeting Time:

 Starting the day on a positive note is crucial, and at Podar Prep, we’ve crafted a unique greeting ritual that sets the tone for the entire day. Upon entering the classroom, children are presented with a selection of greeting options like wave, salute, Namaste, Jumbo’s Hug, Thumbs Up, etc. empowering them to choose how they wish to be welcomed. This encourages pre-schoolers to acknowledge each other and their teachers, promoting social skills and emotional intelligence.

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Rhyme Time:

Rhyme time is not just about language development; Through fun and engaging activities like Circle time that includes singing rhymes and a whole class discussion. It develops friendly relationships amongst the children and builds on their communication and language skills. Children at Podar Prep explore a range of emotions, from happiness to sadness, anger to excitement. This child-centric education tool helps pre-schoolers identify and express their feelings, a critical aspect of emotional development.

Story time:

Story time is a magical part of our toddler education programs, offering rich narratives that teach valuable life lessons. Stories with moral messages foster empathy, as children put themselves in the shoes of various characters. They learn about different perspectives and the consequences of actions, enhancing their emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills.


At Podar Prep, we believe in the power of stories and rhymes to enrich the social and emotional development of pre-schoolers. These activities, embedded in our holistic curriculum, support the growth of well-rounded individuals who are emotionally aware and socially competent. Through positive parenting and tailored educational experiences, we aim to prepare our children not just for school, but for life, nurturing them into empathetic, understanding, and socially aware individuals.

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