How to foster the habit of sharing in your little one!

How to foster the habit of sharing in your little one!

At Podar Prep Preschool, we understand that teaching children about sharing can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, but don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Firstly, it’s important to remember that the concept of sharing is not innately understood by children. It’s a learned skill, and it’s our responsibility as parents and educators to guide them through it.

One way to foster sharing is by setting a good example. Children are keen observers, and they learn a lot from what they see. As children learn by imitation, let’s show them how it’s done in their daily lives.  For example, at the dining table, share food with each other. Show them that sharing is a natural part of social interaction.

Firstly, solitary play comes in place, where children play alone; then comes parallel play, where kids sit next to each other but will play on their own. Lastly, comes group play, where they play in a group and the concept of sharing takes place. At Podar Prep, we encourage sharing through play-based learning. In a group setting, children have plenty of opportunities to practice sharing toys and taking turns. Role-play games like doctor set, and kitchen set, all are great examples of sharing.

Also, it’s important to take small steps with your child. Instead of asking them to give away their favourite toy, encourage sharing something less valuable at first. Once they grasp this concept, sharing other items will become easier. Additionally, it’s important to acknowledge their emotions. If sharing is challenging for them, empathize and explain that it’s normal to feel attached to things they love. However, emphasize that sharing brings happiness to others and strengthens friendships.

Remember, teaching your child to share is a journey, not a race. It requires patience, understanding, and repeated practice. But with the right guidance and support, we’re confident that we can foster a strong sense of sharing and generosity in our little ones.

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