How the Navratnas of Brain Research Support Child Development

How the Navratnas of Brain Research Support Child Development

The key to unlocking your child’s successful future was hidden in ancient wisdom, modernised as the ‘Navratnas’ of brain research.  Discover how these nine gems shape holistic development at Podar Prep. Understanding these principles not only supports child development to foster environments conducive to their growth and learning.

1. Positive Emotions Enhance Memory

We believe in the power of positive emotions and their impact on memory enhancement. At Podar Prep, ensuring children are always greeted with smiles and a joyful atmosphere is a priority, making learning a pleasant experience.

2. Harmful chemicals under stress

Recognising that stress releases harmful chemicals detrimental to brain development, our environment is free from threats, punishments, or excessive competition. Every child is celebrated, embodying the ethos of positive parenting.

3. Diet Activates Memory

Nutrition plays a crucial role in cognitive functions. Our snack time menu is carefully curated to exclude junk food. promoting a diet that activates memory and supports child development and parenting.

4. Novelty Boosts Memory

Incorporating novelty through puppets and other engaging aids is a practice at Podar Prep. This approach keeps the curriculum for kids fresh and exciting, enhancing memory retention.

5. Exercise Stimulate Brain Growth

Exercise, particularly activities that involve small muscle movements like scissoring, sand play, and water play, is integral to our programs, stimulating brain growth in alignment with the Montessori approach.

6. Gross Lateral Movements

Activities that involve gross lateral movements such as balancing and crawling are essential to keep both sides of the brain active, supporting overall development.

7. Mental Alertness & Memory

Our activity rooms are designed to stimulate mental alertness and memory with the use of aromas and a visually engaging environment, reflecting our commitment to child-centric education.

8. Exercise boosts brain powers

Exercise boosts brain powers, leading us to incorporate activities like music and movement, parachute play, and outdoor activities into our daily schedule at Podar Prep

9. Stimulate Brain Working

The essence of Podar Prep lies in our patient, loving, and happy educators who create a learning environment that stimulates brain wiring, embodying the principles of understanding toddler behaviour and child development.

At Podar Prep, the “Navratnas” of brain research are not just principles but a way of life, woven into our curriculum and daily activities. By focusing on these gems, we ensure that our approach to toddler education is not only innovative but also deeply rooted in fostering environments where children thrive.

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