Grief and Growth: Addressing Loss and Finding Hope 

Grief and Growth: Addressing Loss and Finding Hope 

At Podar Prep Preschool, we not only focus on academic excellence through our holistic learning curriculum, but we also dive deep into the emotional and psychological aspects of child development. Addressing the sensitive topic of grief is an essential part of our early childhood education.


Understanding toddler behaviour is complex, especially regarding loss and grief. It’s a subject that even adults struggle to navigate. Our Montessori approach in kindergarten programs creates a supportive environment where children learn to understand and express their emotions constructively.

Nature as a Teacher: Nature’s cycles are a powerful tool for explaining the complexities of life and death to young children. We integrate nature into our child-centric education, helping children understand that loss is a part of life. This understanding is crucial in helping them accept the concept of loss in a natural and healing way.

Validating Emotions: We encourage positive parenting by validating children’s feelings. It’s essential to let children know that it’s okay to cry, to feel sad, or to grieve, whether it’s the loss of a grandparent, a parent, or even a cherished toy. These experiences are profound to a child and deserve our full compassion and attention.

Expressive Outlets: At Podar Prep, we provide avenues such as art therapy within our curriculum, allowing them to articulate their feelings about loss. This can be an effective tool in helping them process their grief. We advise against rushing the process; instead, we support them through their journey of grief, acknowledging that it’s a personal process.

Modelling Grief Management: How adults manage grief impacts how children handle their own. Positive parenting includes showing children healthy ways to cope with loss. For some, releasing a balloon might symbolise letting go and can be a powerful metaphor for acceptance.

We, as a preschool in India dedicated to early childhood education, are committed to providing a nurturing space for children to experience growth, even through grief. We stand by the mantra that grief is a process, one that we navigate with patience and empathy. We can work together and follow this approach to ensure that even in the midst of loss, we find hope and resilience together.

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