Friendship 101: Teaching Your Child to Form Healthy Relationships 

Friendship 101: Teaching Your Child to Form Healthy Relationships 

At Podar Prep Preschool, we cherish the joys of early friendships. We believe that the roots of lifelong relationships begin in the vibrant classrooms of early childhood education. Here’s a peek into how we guide our little ones towards forming meaningful connections, a topic as dear to us as our holistic learning ethos.

  1. Understanding Toddler Behaviour: Toddlers are often observed engaging in ‘social play.’ This is a foundational stone in child development, and at Podar Prep, we understand that social play is more than just fun—it’s an activity of learning to interact. Yes, children can indeed form healthy friendships, learning to communicate, share, and take turns, even before they’ve mastered the art of structured games that usually come after the age of six.
  1. Healthy Friendships: What do these look like for little ones? A healthy friendship at this tender age is often based on simple interactions. It’s about sharing a toy, playing a game without keeping score, or simply enjoying a giggle under the sun. Our kindergarten programs, imbued with the Montessori approach, encourage these interactions, fostering a child-centric education that recognizes the importance of collaboration over competition.
  1. Imitation and Interaction: Positive parenting plays a vital role. Children are keen observers, mirroring the relationships they see around them. When they witness their parents and educators engaging in supportive, reciprocal friendships, they’re inspired to create the same. This is the parenting advice, we often share: be the friend you want your child to have.
  1. Conflict as Opportunity: And let’s not shy away from the inevitable tiffs that arise. Disagreements are natural, even in the most tender of years. In our curriculum, we focus on conflict resolution as a crucial life skill, teaching children to navigate through arguments constructively. How they resolve these little squabbles lays the groundwork for handling future relationships.
  1. Nurturing Bonds for Life: At Podar Prep, friendships are not just a part of childhood but a journey towards nurturing compassionate individuals. Through our various activities and guided interactions, children learn the delicate art of forming and maintaining healthy friendships. We believe friendships are the family we choose, and we’re here to help each child choose wisely and well.

So, let us embrace this journey together, fostering an environment where every child learns the importance of being a good friend. After all, the friendships formed here, within the walls of our preschool, could be the ones that last a lifetime.

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