Enhancing 7 skills with Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (UK) of Podar Prep 

Enhancing 7 skills with Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (UK) of Podar Prep 

At Podar Prep Preschool, we take pride in our curriculum framework of Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (UK) that revolves around the 7 areas of development domains. This framework is meticulously designed to nurture and bolster seven fundamental skills in young children. These skills serve as the building blocks for their holistic development, ensuring they embark on their educational journey fully equipped for success.

1. Communication and Language Development: We understand that effective communication is the key to unlocking a child’s potential. Our curriculum places a strong emphasis on language development, encouraging children to express themselves confidently. Through storytelling, discussions, and interactive activities, we foster language skills that lay a solid foundation for future learning.

2. Physical Development: Physical well-being is essential for overall growth. Our curriculum includes activities that promote physical development, such as outdoor play, yoga, and games. These activities enhance children’s motor skills, coordination, and physical fitness, ensuring they stay active and healthy.

3. Personal, Social, and Emotional Development: We believe in nurturing not only the intellect but also the heart. Our curriculum helps children build essential life skills like empathy, self-awareness, and cooperation. Through group activities and emotional expression exercises, we encourage personal, social, and emotional development.

4. Literacy Development: Literacy is the cornerstone of education. We instil a love for reading and writing from an early age. Through engaging stories, symphonics exercises, and writing practice, children develop strong literacy skills that set them on a path to becoming confident readers and writers.

5. Mathematics: Maths is more than just numbers; it’s about problem-solving and critical thinking. Our curriculum introduces mathematical concepts through fun and interactive methods. We encourage children to explore maths through games, puzzles, and real-world applications, making learning enjoyable and meaningful.

6. Understanding the World: We believe in fostering curious minds. Our curriculum encourages children to explore the world around them. Through science experiments, nature walks, and discussions, we ignite their curiosity and help them understand their place in the world.

7. Expressive Arts and Design: Creativity is the hallmark of a well-rounded education. Our curriculum incorporates various forms of art and design, including painting, music, and crafts. These activities allow children to express themselves, unleash their creativity, and develop an appreciation for the arts.


At Podar Prep Preschool, we are committed to providing a comprehensive education that goes beyond textbooks and exams. Our curriculum framework, centred on these seven vital skills, ensures that every child receives a well-rounded and enriching educational experience. With us, your child’s potential is not just nurtured; it’s celebrated and empowered for a bright future ahead.

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