Froebel Gifts: Boosting Coding Skills at Podar Prep

Froebel Gifts: Boosting Coding Skills at Podar Prep

At Podar Prep, we understand the importance of utilising Froebel Gifts for screen-free coding. These gifts help develop pre-coding skills in children from a young age.

Have you heard about the power of Froebel Gifts at Podar Prep?  Check out how these screen-free coding tools are transforming the learning experience for our young learners. Let’s dive into the three ways we embrace the power of Froebel Gifts!

Forms of Life:

We encourage children to observe and explore various forms of life using Froebel Gifts. These gifts allow them to create real-world objects from their environment, fostering a sense of connection and understanding. Through hands-on activities, children develop an appreciation for the world around them.

Forms of Beauty:

Froebel Gifts unleashes children’s imagination and creativity through the exploration of abstract designs. By providing open-ended materials, we inspire children to think outside the box and create unique creations. From constructing intricate structures to designing patterns, these gifts encourage problem-solving and critical thinking skills

Forms of Knowledge:

Froebel Gifts offer a playful approach to mastering essential knowledge. Children engage in activities that focus on colours, numbers, shapes, and more. By incorporating play into the learning process, children absorb knowledge in a fun and engaging manner. These gifts create a solid foundation for further learning in various academic areas.

At Podar Prep, we believe in the power of hands-on experiences to enhance learning. Froebel Gifts provide a valuable opportunity for children to develop pre-coding skills. By integrating these gifts into our curriculum, we ignite children’s curiosity and passion for learning from an early age.


Froebel Gifts have become an integral part of the learning journey at Podar Prep. Through observation, creation, and knowledge acquisition, these gifts enable children to develop essential skills and unleash their creativity. We are committed to harnessing the power of Froebel Gifts, ensuring that our young learners embark on a joyful and meaningful educational experience.

Join us at Podar Prep as we embrace the magic of Froebel Gifts, shaping young minds and nurturing their love for learning.

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