Don’t Drown Your Child in Extracurriculars: The Importance of Free Time

Don’t Drown Your Child in Extracurriculars: The Importance of Free Time

In today’s fast-paced world, the pressure to ensure children’s success can often lead parents to pack their schedules with endless extracurricular activities. But at Podar Prep, we’re here to bust a common myth: More activities do not guarantee overall success and development. In fact, overloading children with too many extracurriculars can lead to overstimulation, contributing to emotional and learning challenges. This is a crucial consideration in child development and early childhood education.

Finding the Right Balance

The key lies in striking a balance. It’s essential to select activities that align with your child’s interests and give them ample time to settle and truly enjoy these pursuits. This approach, rooted in positive parenting and our Montessori method, encourages children to explore their passions at their own pace, fostering a love for learning rather than viewing it as a chore.

The Value of Free Time

At Podar Prep, we emphasise the importance of “me time” and even boredom. Contrary to popular belief, unstructured time is not wasted time. It’s during these moments of free play and daydreaming that children often develop critical thinking skills, creativity, and emotional resilience. Allowing children the freedom to explore the world on their terms is a cornerstone of holistic learning and a child-centric education.

Encouraging Exploration and Creativity

We advocate for a curriculum that supports exploration and creativity, both inside and outside the classroom. Our kindergarten programs and toddler education initiatives are designed to ensure that children have the opportunity to engage in activities that stimulate their curiosity and imagination, without overwhelming them.

Embracing the Joy of Learning

Ultimately, our goal at Podar Prep is to cultivate an environment where children can discover their interests and talents in a supportive, pressure-free setting. By balancing structured activities with ample free time, we prepare children not just for academic success but for a lifelong journey of discovery and growth. This philosophy is integral to understanding toddler behaviour and fostering child development and parenting that respects each child’s individual pace and happiness.

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