Discovering Your Child’s Learning Style: A Parent’s Guide to Supportive Education

Discovering Your Child’s Learning Style: A Parent’s Guide to Supportive Education

Every child is a different kind of flower, and all together make this world a beautiful garden. At Podar Prep, we understand that early childhood education is a pivotal phase in child development, setting the foundation for lifelong learning and growth. Recognising the diverse learning styles of our young learners, our kindergarten programs are designed to cater to curious learners, independent learners, competent learners, and active learners. This parent’s guide aims to help you identify and support your child’s unique way of learning, ensuring a holistic learning experience that aligns with the Montessori approach and child-centric education.

1. Curious Learners: Discovery of the World

Curiosity leads to discovery, and at Podar Prep, we nurture this through a variety of activities. From reading and field trips that expand their understanding of the world to gardening and number work that introduces basic concepts, we encourage curious minds. Inventiveness is fostered through science activities, block play, and art projects, helping children express their creativity. Understanding self and others is also crucial, achieved through puppet shows, drama, and yoga, ensuring a well-rounded approach to toddler education.

2. Independent Learners: Involvement and Problem-Solving

For children who show a strong sense of independence, our curriculum includes puzzles, jigsaws, and story-based problem-solving to stimulate their minds. The role of the teacher evolves into a facilitator of learning, offering support and encouragement while allowing children to explore and master new concepts independently, reflecting the essence of positive parenting and the support needed for child development.

3. Competent Learners: Constructors of Knowledge

Competent learners are keen to understand and manipulate their environment. Our programs include art activities, collage making, and numerical education to encourage children as constructors of knowledge. Parent participation is highly valued, with workshops and events designed to engage and educate parents on how to be mentors in their child’s learning journey, aligning with parenting advice.

4. Active Learners: Kinaesthetic Exploration

For our active learners, we recognised the importance of kinaesthetic learning, activities such as parachute play, sand and water play, and outdoor games are integral to our curriculum for kids. These activities not only enhance physical development but also support cognitive growth through tangible experiences, embodying the holistic approach to child development and parenting.

At Podar Prep, we believe in the power of a supportive educational environment that adapts to the individual needs of each child. By understanding and nurturing your child’s unique learning style, together, we can lay the groundwork for a lifetime of curiosity, independence, competence, and activity.

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