Color your child’s life!

Color your child’s life!

Every child should have a life full of colour, lots of colours, each colour of the rainbow, so that the child gets an enriched experience of happiness, joy, celebrations, health and festivities. 

There will be many colourful occasions to share togetherness and love with our children. search for these occasions, gift children every colour in all its hues, don’t let a child’s life remain black, white or grey. 

7 ways of gifting some colours and colourful experiences to children-

  1. The sparkling blue of a fresh new sky early in the morning with fluffy ‘detergent washed’ white clouds – see the joy on your child’s face.
  2. The vibrant colours of the red, yellow, orange and blue of a sky with the setting sun, so many colours to find and enjoy.
  3. The pink of health, so gift him a healthy diet, clean drinking water and safe hygiene habits.
  4. The green of freshly watered grass and leaves, take your child to a garden with a set of crayons (the one that has 200 and more shades) and then ask your child to match each shade of green crayon to the shades in the 
  5. The rainbow of colours at a florist shop, the purples, the magenta, the whites and reds.
  6. The healthy orange and green of a soothingly refreshing orange juice and palak soup.
  7. The red flush on a child’s cheek after he has been tickled vigorously or when he comes home after running , skipping and playing with his friends. 

Seven colours that we should never give children-

  1. ‘Colourful’ words!
  2. The red on a child’s cheeks after he has been scolded or slapped, never . ever, have this colour on a child’s body. 
  3. The red marks on his worksheet or book.
  4. The brown frown on a child’s face when you ignore him/her.
  5. The grey of boredom when doing boring drill work.
  6. The black mood that stems from jealousy, sibling rivalry, unfulfilled expectations and being rejected and ridiculed by adults. 
  7. The white lack lustre mood  of a child addicted to video games and television.

Colours are not only in clothes and furniture, they are in our lives in every aspect of it and the more natural colours that we will bring in our child’s life the more vibrant and colourful will we make his/her future. so begin colouring your child’s life today. 

Dr. Swati Popat Vats
Parenting Mentor and Coach


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