Circle Time at Podar Prep: Nurturing social skills through Learning and Connections

Circle Time at Podar Prep: Nurturing social skills through Learning and Connections

Rhymes & Songs

Building Connections through Rhymes and Songs:

Circle Time is more than a routine; it is a valued experience that focuses on establishing connections, enhancing social skills, and nurturing young minds collectively. In this essential component of our early education approach, children come together to form a dynamic circle of eager learners. In this setting, rhymes and stories serve as springboards for discussions, creating an environment where relationships flourish and friendships blossom.

Importance of Circle Time:

In today’s rapidly evolving world, social skills are crucial. Circle Time extends beyond merely singing songs and reciting poems. It is an opportunity for children to express their thoughts, listen to their peers, and engage in meaningful conversations. This practice shapes them to communicate, empathise, and work together. At Podar Prep, we’re not just teaching; we’re crafting an atmosphere where learning transcends books – it’s about forming enduring relationships.

Class Discussion

The Impact of Peer Interaction through class discussion:

Social skills are refined most effectively when children participate in quality interactions with their peers in the classroom. These interactions enable them to understand different perspectives and cultures. We firmly believe that when children play, talk, and develop together, they gain priceless social insights.

Creating a Community of Learners:

Join us as we assemble in a circle, where rhymes transform into class discussions, and discussions nurture friendships. We are committed to not only teaching but also to shaping an environment where learning encompasses more than academics – it’s about establishing relationships that last a lifetime.

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