Building Bridges of Learning with Jerome Bruner’s Spiral Curriculum

Building Bridges of Learning with Jerome Bruner’s Spiral Curriculum


As we know, education is not just about acquiring knowledge; it is about creating connections, fostering continuity, and building a strong foundation for lifelong learning. Jerome Bruner, a renowned educational psychologist, proposed a revolutionary concept known as the spiral curriculum. This approach emphasises the importance of revisiting and expanding on pre-learned ideas, ensuring connection and continuity in the learning process. At Podar Prep, we embrace Bruner’s philosophy to create an enriching educational experience for our students.

Revisiting Pre-Learnt Ideas:

The spiral curriculum encourages students to revisit previously learned concepts. By reinforcing understanding, students solidify their foundation and make connections between ideas. Repetition is not monotonous but a powerful tool that deepens knowledge and enhances analytical skills.

Increasing Complexity:

With each encounter, the spiral curriculum introduces concepts with increasing complexity. Students engage in deeper exploration, honing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. By expanding on pre-learned ideas, students develop a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Connection and Continuity:

The spiral curriculum ensures connection and continuity in the learning process. Students encounter key concepts multiple times, fostering a holistic understanding. Interdisciplinary thinking is encouraged, enabling students to make connections between different subjects.

Building Bridges of Knowledge:

Implementing Bruner’s approach, Podar Prep fosters a strong educational foundation. Students develop independent learning skills and a love for lifelong learning. Building bridges of knowledge prepares students for an ever-changing world.


At Podar Prep, we embrace Jerome Bruner’s spiral curriculum as a cornerstone of our educational philosophy. We strive to create an environment where students feel inspired, engaged, and empowered to explore and connect ideas across various disciplines.

The spiral curriculum is a powerful educational tool that enhances connection and continuity in the learning process. Join us on this journey of exploration, connection, and continuous growth at Podar Prep, where we believe in building bridges of learning for a brighter future.

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