Boost your child’s creative & Aesthetic Expression

Boost your child’s creative & Aesthetic Expression

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. See how Podar Prep fosters this in every child, nurturing creativity for holistic development. Our approach to early childhood education emphasises activities that not only enhance cognitive skills but also cultivate creativity and emotional intelligence. Here’s how we encourage creative and aesthetic expression in children through various activities:

Role Play:

Role play is a key element of our kindergarten programs, allowing children to step into different characters and scenarios. This imaginative play fosters empathy, social skills, and problem-solving abilities. It’s a child-centric education tool that encourages children to express themselves and understand the world around them.


Drawing is a fundamental way to support child development. It’s more than just a creative outlet; it’s a form of visual language that helps children communicate their feelings, experiences, and ideas. At Podar Prep, we provide a nurturing environment where children are encouraged to explore their creativity through drawing, enhancing their fine motor skills and visual analysis.


Dance is an integral part of our curriculum for kids, promoting physical health, rhythm, and expression. It’s a holistic learning experience that combines music, movement, and creativity, helping children develop a sense of space, balance, and coordination. Dance activities support emotional expression and boost self-confidence.

Puppet Show:

Puppet shows are a unique blend of storytelling and performance, engaging children’s imagination and speech. This activity supports toddler education by enhancing language skills, social understanding, and creative thinking. Puppet shows at Podar Prep are interactive, encouraging children to participate and even create their own stories.

Our approach to positive parenting includes providing parenting advice on how to continue fostering creativity at home. Understanding toddler behaviour and supporting their creative endeavours is essential for their overall development. At Podar Prep, we believe in nurturing each child’s unique talents and ensuring they have the freedom and support to express themselves creatively.

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