Always say goodbye: Transitioning at Podar Prep

Always say goodbye: Transitioning at Podar Prep

Leaving your child at school can tug at your heartstrings, and it’s natural to wish you could spare them this moment of separation. But did you know that saying goodbye is more important than you might think?

Early Years, Lasting Impressions

Children form fundamental perceptions about the world around them in the first three years of life. They learn whether it’s a predictable, responsive, and trustworthy place. Caregivers, parents, and teachers are pivotal in shaping these perceptions by providing sensitive, consistent, and reassuring care.

Building Trust Through Goodbyes

Every time you say goodbye to your child, you teach them a valuable lesson in trust. By promising to return and sealing your departure with a kiss and a hug, you convey a powerful message: “I may leave, but I will always come back.”

Starting Small, Growing Strong

Initially, your child might not pay much heed when you leave. However, as they grow, so does their awareness of your absence. By establishing a goodbye routine now, during these early years, you’re creating a comforting pattern they will carry. 

Consistency Is Key

Children thrive on routines and predictability. Saying goodbye every time you leave, even when it seems inconsequential, builds a sense of trustworthiness. It reinforces your words with actions, showing that your promises hold.

The Power of a Reassuring Routine

Think of it as an emotional safety net. Your child learns that goodbyes are temporary and reunions are certain. This knowledge becomes their anchor when facing bigger separations, whether it’s school or other life transitions. By embracing the practice of always saying goodbye, you’re nurturing a sense of security and resilience in your child. They learn to manage their emotions, cope with separations, and understand that love and support are unwavering.


At Podar Prep Preschool, we recognize the significance of these early lessons. Our environment is designed to support your child’s emotional development and transitions. 

Saying goodbye might pull your heartstrings, but it’s a powerful tool for building your child’s emotional well-being. It’s a small act that leaves a lasting impact, fostering trust, resilience, and a sense of security that your child will carry throughout their life’s journey. 

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