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Powered by NEP 2020 and Boosted by EYFS (UK) and EYLF (Australia), Podar Prep (formerly Podar Jumbo Kids) is the latest preschool brand by Podar Education Network Equipped with a new curriculum and a refreshed look! We are confident that your child will have the best start in their educational journey with us!

Our scholastic record, innovative learning methods and a strong commitment to delivering quality through integrity has helped us become a trusted name and an acknowledged leader in the nation through our wide network of top schools in India.

best Preschool in pune

Podar Prep Preschool in Pune – The Best Foundation for Early Learning Finding the best preschool for your child can be a daunting task. However, when it comes to Podar Prep Preschool in Pune, the search is over. The school has a reputation for being the best preschool in Pune and for good reason. Podar Prep offers a unique learning experience that is fun, engaging, and designed to stimulate early brain development.

As a parent, you want the best for your child, and that includes the best education. That’s why Podar Prep is the perfect choice for your child’s preschool education. From the moment your child enters the school, they will be immersed in a nurturing environment that fosters creativity, curiosity, and a love for learning, making it the best preschool in Pune.
To enroll your child in Podar Prep Preschool in Pune, all you need to do is fill out the playschool admission form available on their website. Once your child is enrolled, they will be part of a community that values early brain development as the foundation of learning. Podar Prep uses a unique teaching methodology that is based on research in child development, and this approach is designed to help children reach their full potential.

In conclusion, Podar Prep Preschool in Pune is the best choice for parents who want the best foundation for their child’s early learning. With a focus on early brain development, a nurturing environment, and a fun and engaging curriculum, Podar Prep is the perfect preschool for your child. Fill out the playschool admission form today and give your child the gift of a lifetime.

Podar International School - Undri
Podar Prep, S no.43, Ghule Vasti, Undri - Wadachiwadi Road, Taluka - Haveli. Dist - Pune - 411060
Podar International School - Manjri (Proposed CBSE*)
Podar Prep, Survey No: 91/4, Behind Kumar Meadows, Solapur Road, Manjri Budruk, Pune - 412307
Headmistress Name : Ms. Sonam Bhosale
Headmistress Mobile No : 8657019232
Headmistress Email : manjri@podarprep.com
Landline : 8657992773
Podar International School - Wakad (CBSE)
Podar Prep, Survey No. 55/1, Near Elementa Housing Society, Tathawade, Wakad, Pune - 411057
Headmistress Name : Ms. Harinder Kaur
Headmistress Mobile No : 8291169724
Headmistress Email : wakad@podarprep.com
Podar International School - Wagholi (CBSE)
Podar Prep, Shree Ganesh Residency Gat no 1090, Behind Nayara petrol pump, Opposite Supriya Hotel Kesnand Road Wagholi, Pune - 412207
Headmistress Name : Ms. Neha Soans
Headmistress Mobile No : 7506280419
Headmistress Email : wagholi@podarprep.com
Landline : 7276102233
Podar International School - Talegaon (CBSE)
Podar Prep, Survey no.105/1-3,behind Vishal Lawns, General Motor Road, MIDC, Vadgaon Maval, Dist- Pune - 412105
Headmistress Name : Ms. Sapna Gurusthale
Headmistress Mobile No : 8291951831
Headmistress Email : talegaon2@podarprep.com
Podar International School - Sara City Pune(CBSE)
Podar Prep, Survey No.137, 138 & Other Kharabwadi, Talegaon-Chakan Road, Behind NAFED Compound, Sara City, Chakan, Tal- Khed, Dist-Pune 410501
Headmistress Name : Ms. Prerna Futane
Headmistress Mobile No : 7208954015
Headmistress Email : saracity@podarprep.com
Landline : 8291001467
Podar International School - Ambegaon (CBSE)
Podar Prep, Sr.No1/6,Near Ashok Leyland workshop, Katraj Dehu bypass road, Ambegaon, Pune - 411046
Headmistress Name : Ms. Jyoti Patil
Headmistress Mobile No : 7208963637
Headmistress Email : ambegaon@podarprep.com
Landline : 8657430012
Podar International School - Rohkal Chakan (CBSE)
Podar Prep, Rohkal-Chakan, Survey No. 86, Rohkal Phata, Near Bham River, Behind Balaji Pipe Factory, Rohkal Village Road, Chakan, Pune - 410501
Headmistress Name : Ms. Pubinder Kaur
Headmistress Mobile No : 7506280327
Headmistress Email : chakanrohkal@podarprep.com
Landline : 8956952126
Podar International School - Pimpri (ICSE)
Podar Prep, Anandi Baug, Opp. Dr.Beck Co.Kharalwadi, Pimpri - 411018
Headmistress Name : Ms. Reena Wadhwa
Headmistress Mobile No : 7506280406
Headmistress Email : pimpri@podarprep.com
Landline : 020-27424160
Podar International School - Hadapsar (Proposed CBSE*)
Podar Prep, Survey No: 50/10/11/2/2, Near Navratna Exotica, Behind Mayur Geminus, Handewadi Road, Hadapsar, Pune - 411028
Headmistress Name : Ms. Megha Raje Bhosale
Headmistress Mobile No : 8657898548
Headmistress Email : hadapsar@podarprep.com
Landline : 8657027308
Podar Prep - Chinchwad
Podar Prep, Chinchwad. Near Moraya Gosavi Stadium, Keshavnagar, Chinchwadgaon, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra - 411033
Headmistress Name : Ms. Kalpana Kinge
Headmistress Mobile No : 7506280339
Headmistress Email : chinchwad@podarprep.com
Landline : 020-27614750
Podar Prep - Pimple Saudagar
Podar Prep, Vision 9 Mall, Shop No. 4 to 10, Kunal Icon Road, Pimple Saudagar, Pune - 411027
Headmistress Name : Ms. Pranali Satarkar
Headmistress Mobile No : 8976958926
Headmistress Email : pimplesaudagar@podarprep.com
Podar Prep - Vadgaon Sheri
Podar Prep, Survey No.38/A, House No. 21401, Kharadkar Nagar, Vadgaon Sheri - 411014
Headmistress Name : Ms. Priti Sonni
Headmistress Mobile No : 8675340601
Headmistress Email : vadgaonsheri@podarprep.com
Podar Prep - Talegaon
Podar Prep, Yashwant nagar, Siddharth bungalow Tapodham colony Yashwant nagar, Talegaon Dabhade – 410507
Headmistress Name : Ms. Rajni Kapahu
Headmistress Mobile No : 8291259859
Headmistress Email : talegaon1@podarprep.com
Landline : 7276001246
Podar Prep Plus - Marunji
Milkat No. 0691, Survey No. 47/8, Ground Floor, Near Alard College, Marunji, Pune - 411 057
Headmistress Name : Mrs. Kosi Lodha, Mrs. Keertimalini Sirdesai Mrs. Neha Kesharwani
Headmistress Mobile No : 8308287500 / 9552573734 / 7755904456
Podar Prep - Shivne
Sr. No. 93/1, Dhudhane Complex, NDA Road, Shivne, Pune - 411023
Headmistress Name : Mr. Prasadh Joshii and Mrs. Madhumati Lole
Headmistress Mobile No : 9527226666
Podar Prep Plus- Dudulgav Haveli
Anushka Capital, Gat No. 206, Near Midas Touch Hotel, Dudulgav Haveli, Pune - 412105
Headmistress Name : Mrs. Sheetal Abhijeet Pardeshi Mrs. Laxmi Jadhav
Headmistress Mobile No : 7770097755 | 9225678990
Podar Prep - Somatane Phata
Chaurai Nagar, Behind Emirates Hills Society, Somatane Phata, Talegaon Dabhade, Pune - 410506
Headmistress Name : Mr. Bhupender Singh Dullat
Headmistress Mobile No : 98233 90902
Podar Prep Plus - Pimple Gurav
Survey No. 78, Sarthi Pride, Next to Jagtap Petrol Pump / Kalpataru Estate, Pimple Gurav, Pune - 411061
Headmistress Name : Mrs. Smita Das
Headmistress Mobile No : 98236 18551 / 98236 83551
Podar Prep Plus - Hadapsar (Franchisee)
Maple Leaves Apartment, Sr. No. 16/1/12/1, Near Corinthians Club, Mohammadwadi, Hadapsar, Pune - 411028
Headmistress Name : Mrs. Mamta Sunil Parti
Headmistress Mobile No : 8888502502
Podar Prep Plus - Kiwalegaon
Kotwal Nagar, Kiwalegaon, Haveli, Pune - 412101
Headmistress Name : Mrs. Suruchi Jain
Headmistress Mobile No : 9850560422
Podar Prep - Aundh
Namratali, Near Shiv Sagar Restaurant, D.P. Road, Aundh, Pune - 411007
Headmistress Name : Mrs. Pooja Jain
Headmistress Mobile No : 9373939320
Podar Prep - Wakad (Franchisee)
Sr. No. 165/1, 166/5, Shop No. 1 to 8, Vedanta Commercial - 2, Back Side of PDCC Bank, Edden Road, Wakad, Pune - 411057
Headmistress Name : Mrs. Vartika Srivastava & Mrs. Veena Ashish Patil
Headmistress Mobile No : 8237810048
Raj Podar Learn School - Indapur
At Post- Indapur Bypass, Indapur Vyahali Road, Tarangwadi, Taluka - Indapur, District - Pune - 413106
Headmistress Name : Mrs. Sadhana Sambhaji Gawade
Headmistress Mobile No : 8888888339

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Podar Prep Preschool values and actively promotes the meaningful involvement of parents in fostering the development and education of their children. Our yearly schedule encompasses a wide array of extracurricular activities that engage children, teachers, and parents, creating a dynamic learning community that goes beyond the boundaries of the classroom. We offer a range of events to enhance parent engagement, including Kiducation Huddle with Parents, Parent-Teacher Portfolio Meet, Festival Celebrations with Children, Unique Celebrations with Parents, and a Book Club. These activities are instrumental in building a strong connection between parents and the school, fostering a collaborative approach to education.

While different preschools follow diverse curriculum, Podar Prep Preschool sets itself apart by implementing a distinctive approach that combines the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS-UK) and Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF-Australia). Our methodology focuses on establishing a strong educational groundwork for children, with a particular emphasis on fostering vital life skills and offering them an exceptional advantage as they embark on their educational journey.

Podar Prep Preschool distinguishes itself as the best preschool near you, primarily due to its exceptional ‘KIDUCATION’ philosophy. This distinctive approach prioritizes the education, growth, developmental needs, and overall well-being of every child. We carefully design our learning environments to provide captivating and multisensory experiences that promote teamwork and the acquisition of crucial life skills. Furthermore, we are dedicated to fostering a lifelong commitment to sustainability among our students.

The fees for Montessori preschools can differ depending on various factors, including the location. For detailed information about the fee structure at Podar Prep in Pune, we kindly request you to reach out to the nearest Podar Prep branch or utilize the inquiry form on our website. A dedicated representative will promptly contact you and provide assistance in addressing any inquiries you may have.