Turning Setbacks into Stepping Stones: How to help Children face challenges?

Turning Setbacks into Stepping Stones: How to help Children face challenges?

Let’s talk about something that every child encounters on their journey of growth – setbacks. You know, those moments when your child may face a challenge, like when they’re working on a tricky jigsaw puzzle. It’s quite a common scenario, and as parents, we often wonder how best to handle it, right?

 Navigating Puzzle Challenges:

When solving a puzzle, children get engrossed in solving a puzzle, determined to align each piece perfectly. Sometimes they encounter an obstacle when pieces don’t seem to fit, leading to mounting frustration.

Fostering Resilience and Expression:

Children have a natural inclination to challenge themselves. When confronted with hurdles, they may question their abilities and even momentarily pause or abandon the task in frustration. It’s a moment for them to vent and express.

Encouragement Matters:

Instead of discouraging remarks like “Don’t get irritated” or “Don’t leave it incomplete,” offer a reassuring comment like “Let’s try again!” during their moments of frustration. Your words during these times can significantly impact their experience.


Setbacks extend beyond puzzles and into various life aspects, including studies. We focus on instilling resilience, patience, and problem-solving skills. While puzzle-solving might not be a question on our playschool admission form, these vital life skills are at the core of what we impart. So, parents, when witnessing your child confronting setbacks, remember that it’s a valuable chance for them to learn, grow, and develop a positive approach towards challenges. We at Podar Prep  preschool prioritise teaching children to manage these moments with determination and grace. If you’re seeking a play school near you that emphasises early education and holistic development, remember that Podar Prep is ready to support your child’s growth journey.

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