Why Podar International School In Sangamner Is A Great Choice!

Why Podar International School In Sangamner Is A Great Choice!

Podar International School offers a pedagogy of the highest standards. They are a known name in education, almost completing 92 years of revolutionising and modernising education in India. What makes Podar one of the best schools in Sangamner, is their dedication to excellence and providing a consummate education for your child. From providing multiple avenues for your children to explore their interests, to providing the best faculty and learning environment, Podar has surely proved itself to be one of the best CBSE schools in Sangamner. We understand that simply sticking to the prescribed curriculum should not be the goal of one’s education, which is why Podar International School gives a holistic schooling experience to your children that is one of a kind and is truly the best one in Sangamner. Schooling, we believe, should be a collaborative experience between school staff and parents, as they know what’s best for a child, which is there is a promise of open and free flowing communication at PIS Sangamner. Highly rated by parents, offers a great learning experience and is located at a convenient spot- what’s not to like about the Podar International School offerings at Sangamner?

  • Transparency – Podar International School prides itself over their transparency and the facilitation of free flowing communication. This is why there is a provision of an influential PTA club that regularly meets to discuss the recent events in school, open a dialogue regarding incidents and learning environments, discuss their child’s experience in school and offer their invaluable advice and insight to make this scholastic experience a smooth one for prospective students. Podar is all about making students feel secure in a learning environment especially after the pandemic, so parents are encouraged to take a proactive role in their child’s education by giving regular insight on school policies.
  • Supreme Quality of Education – When it comes to core CBSE curriculum and teaching structure, nobody can beat Podar International School with its quality! From dedicated science labs to tech-based learning, students get the best mode of learning possible at PIS. One of the reasons that make PIS one of the best CBSE schools in Sangamner is the focus on application-based learning. Students don’t just learn the essential aspects of their curriculum through rote learning, instead, they focus on effective learning outcomes and consummate understanding of learning material that breeds academic excellence in students from a young age!
  • Locational Advantage – Podar International School Sangamner, besides being one of the best schools in Sangamner is also very well located. Due to its central location near Jhansi Road, it becomes easily accessible from different parts of the city. With the PIS transport facilities, you can also be worry-free regarding your child’s daily commute as the school provides fully-functional, comfortable and spacious buses for students with a specially trained driver, bus conductor and lady attendant to ensure safety and comfort of the student in their daily travels.

Interested in enrolling your child into Podar International School Sangamner for this academic session? Click here to get details about the admission process for 2022!

Dr. Swati Popat Vats
Parenting Mentor and Coach


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