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Powered by NEP 2020 and Boosted by EYFS (UK) and EYLF (Australia), Podar Prep (formerly Podar Jumbo Kids) is the latest preschool brand by Podar Education Network Equipped with a new curriculum and a refreshed look! We are confident that your child will have the best start in their educational journey with us!

Our scholastic record, innovative learning methods and a strong commitment to delivering quality through integrity has helped us become a trusted name and an acknowledged leader in the nation through our wide network of top schools in India.

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Podar Prep Preschool in Dhule: The Best Preschool with Parent Participation Programs
Choosing the right preschool for your child is a crucial decision for every parent. The preschool you choose will set the foundation for your child’s education and development. If you’re looking for the best preschool in Dhule, Podar Prep Preschool is the perfect choice for you and your child.
At Podar Prep Preschool, we believe that parents play a vital role in their child’s education. That’s why we encourage parent participation in all aspects of our preschool. We offer a variety of parent programs that allow parents to get involved in their child’s learning and development.
Our parent programs include parent-teacher meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and parent volunteer opportunities. We also have parent workshops on various topics related to early childhood education, such as child development, behavior management, and language development, making it the best preschool in Dhule.
Our parent participation programs have numerous benefits for both parents and children. They provide opportunities for parents to connect with their child’s teachers and other parents, to learn about their child’s progress and development, and to contribute to their child’s education. Parent involvement also helps children feel supported and valued, which boosts their self-esteem and confidence.
At Podar Prep Preschool, we’re committed to providing the best possible education and care for your child. Our parent participation programs are just one of the many ways we achieve this goal. Visit us today and see for yourself why Podar Prep Preschool is the best preschool in Dhule.

Podar International School - Dhule
Gat 304/2/2, Beside Swaroop Singh Naik Ayurvedic College, Mumbai-Agra National Highway, Nagaon Budruk, Dhule-424005, Maharashtra
Telephone : 6366437837
Admin Officer : Mr. Anil Kulkarni
Admin Mobile No. : 9324740521
Board : CBSE
Admin email : admin.dhule@podar.org

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