Parental involvement: The road to preschool readiness & success!

Parental involvement: The road to preschool readiness & success!

Parental involvement plays a crucial role in shaping a child’s overall development. 

When parents are involved, teaching can be extended beyond the classroom, resulting in a more positive learning experience. Studies have shown that early parental involvement can improve a child’s preschool readiness, which is a crucial factor in determining their academic achievement in the future.

One of the ways that parents can prepare their children for preschool is by exposing them to educational materials and experiences. For instance, parents can read to their children, provide them with educational toys, and engage them in educational activities; these enhance their child’s cognitive development, language skills, and knowledge.

Another way that parents can help their children is by developing a routine that is conducive to learning as it helps them to manage their time, develop self-discipline, and engage in learning activities. 

Furthermore, parents can support their child’s social development by encouraging them to interact with other children as it develops important social skills, such as sharing, taking turns, and resolving conflicts.

 At Podar Prep, we offer a range of parent engagement activities so they know more about the learning journey of their child and how to extend the same opportunities at home. Kiducation huddle with parents and parent-teacher portfolio meet are also held where one can discuss their child’s interests and strengths with their teachers and get advice on which activities would be best for them. 

Unique celebrations with parents and children, such as cultural festivals and sports days, provide an excellent opportunity for your child to socialize and learn new skills. Another great option is our book club, which encourages the love of reading and improves literacy skills. 

A Quick Wrap-up!

Parental involvement is the magic bullet for improving students’ performance and closing the achievement gap. They play an essential role in ensuring that their child is adequately prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

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