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Powered by NEP 2020 and Boosted by EYFS (UK) and EYLF (Australia), Podar Prep (formerly Podar Jumbo Kids) is the latest preschool brand by Podar Education Network Equipped with a new curriculum and a refreshed look! We are confident that your child will have the best start in their educational journey with us!

Our scholastic record, innovative learning methods and a strong commitment to delivering quality through integrity has helped us become a trusted name and an acknowledged leader in the nation through our wide network of top schools in India.

TOP PRESCHOOL in gandhinagar

Looking for the top preschool in Gandhinagar? Then your search is complete!

Podar Prep is regarded as the top preschools in Gandhinagar, thanks to its commitment to providing high-quality education and nurturing environments for young children. With a focus on holistic development, Podar Prep offers a range of activities and programs designed to help children learn and grow in a fun and engaging way.

But what really sets Podar Prep apart from other preschools in the area is its unique Glocal Advantage program. This innovative initiative combines the best of global and local teaching methods, drawing on the latest research and insights from around the world to create a truly world-class educational experience, making it the top preschool in Gandhinagar.

So if you’re looking for a top preschool near you, be sure to check out Podar Prep in Gandhinagar. With its experienced teachers, state-of-the-art facilities, and cutting-edge curriculum, it’s the perfect place to give your child the best possible start in life. Whether you’re looking for a place to enroll your child in preschool, Podar Prep would be your best choice.

Podar International School - Gandhinagar (CBSE)
Podar Prep, Shrusti Farm, Por Kudasan Road, Opp.Khakhariya Prajapati Wadi , Kudasan, Gandhinagar - 382421
Headmistress Name : Ms. Nibedita Sanyasi
Headmistress Mobile No : 7208954021
Headmistress Email : gandhinagar@podarprep.com
Landline : 8976802942

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Podar Prep is the top preschool due to its distinctive approach called ‘KIDUCATION,’ which emphasizes education from the child’s perspective. This approach is tailored to meet the growth, development, and overall happiness of your child. Our preschool offers immersive and interactive learning spaces that replicate real-life experiences and engage the senses, fostering a collaborative learning environment. Our primary focus is on nurturing essential life skills, ensuring that children become sustainable learners for life.

The fee structure depends on the preschool near you as it differs from area to area, depending on various factors. Hence, kindly contact the nearest Podar Prep to know about it in detail or fill out the enquiry form on the website and our representative will get in touch with you to answer your queries.

85% of a child’s cumulative brain development occurs prior to the age of 6. Hence, at Podar Prep we provide optimal stimulation for energising the brain cells to shape the behaviour, emotions and development of each child as per the respective age group. The age for Playgroup admission is 2-3 years, Nursery (3-4 years), Junior Kindergarten (4-5 years), and Senior Kindergarten (5-6 years) to build a strong foundation for your child’s future.

Various preschools near you follow various curriculum approaches. Podar Prep Preschool is equipped with 3 different international curriculums. It is powered by NEP 2020 with the development and learning of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS-UK) and life skills learning from the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF-Australia) to have the best start for your children’s educational journey!

Yes, mostly all top preschools near you provide transportation facilities. Podar Prep branches arrange for an extensive multi-route bus facility. Each bus has a lady attendant, conductor and trained driver in the bus. CCTV cameras are installed in most of the buses and a GPS location tracker is also shared with the parents. Your safety is our main concern.