What happens after signing the franchise agreement
till your opening date ?

1Once an agreement is signed the franchisee will get a call from the Head Office’s Operations Team to set up a 2-day franchise orientation program.
2A comprehensive set of essential materials for running the centre will be provided to the franchisee as part of the start-up package.
3Franchise details will be updated on
4The franchisee is expected to commence operations at the centre, involving an initial investment for the acquisition of toys, curriculum-supporting resources, and necessary equipment.
5Franchisee to finalize the fee structure.
6The franchisee initiate local marketing efforts in their surrounding area to attract visitors and increase foot falls.
7The franchisee establishes a launch date and chooses a distinguished guest, preferably with a background in education, to preside over the event.
8The franchisee is responsible for hiring a Center Head/Coordinator and providing support staff for the center.
9The franchisee can commence the admission process once the center’s setup is 40% complete.
10The staff members who have been appointed will undergo training related to the curriculum as well as their specific roles and responsibilities.
11Upon the successful completion of the centre setup according to Podar Prep brand standards, the franchisee will be felicitated with a Business Commencement Certificate by the franchisor.
12The franchisee is to inaugurate the centre by executing the planning provided by the Head Office.
13The franchisee is to commence operational activities and place orders for admission kits.
14On-going support and guidance for the franchisee persist to secure the prosperity of the centre.
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