Building Strong Foundations with Literacy & Numeracy Programs 

Building Strong Foundations with Literacy & Numeracy Programs 

In the journey towards achieving Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN), Podar Prep Preschool has embarked on a remarkable initiative – Number Magic. This program is our answer to the national goal of ensuring every child’s proficiency in foundational numeracy skills.

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Why FLN Matters?

FLN, or Foundational Literacy and Numeracy, is the bedrock of a child’s educational journey. It’s the essential building block that equips children to understand and work with numbers effectively. Without strong foundational numeracy skills, a child’s ability to grasp advanced mathematical concepts is significantly hampered.

Introducing Number Magic

Our Number Magic program is designed to make numeracy engaging and accessible for young learners. It aligns perfectly with the recommendations of the National Curriculum Framework 2022 (NCF-2022) by employing the ELPS approach: Experience, Language, Pictures, and Symbols.

E for Experience: We believe in learning by doing. In this phase, children engage with concrete objects, such as counting physical items, to grasp the concept of numbers. This hands-on experience lays a solid foundation for numerical understanding.

L for Spoken Language: We encourage children to describe their experiences using language. They articulate what they are counting and how many they have counted. This verbalization not only reinforces their comprehension but also enhances their communication skills.

P for Pictures: Visual learning is powerful. To reinforce mathematical concepts, children represent what they’ve learned through pictorial forms. For instance, if they’ve counted three balls, they can draw three pictures of balls. This visual representation aids memory and comprehension.

S for Written Symbols: The ultimate goal is to translate concrete experiences, spoken language, and pictures into written symbols. This is where children learn to associate numbers with their written counterparts, like writing “3” to represent three balls. 



At Podar Prep Preschool, we understand that building strong foundations in numeracy is not just about teaching numbers; it’s about fostering a deep and lasting understanding of mathematics. Our Number Magic program is not merely about arithmetic; it’s about equipping children with a lifelong skill that will serve them well academically and beyond.

With Number Magic, we’re not just teaching numbers; we’re nurturing young mathematicians, one magical step at a time. Together, we’re turning the national dream of FLN into a tangible reality.

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