Moulding young minds with Podar Prep’s innovative teaching methods!

Moulding young minds with Podar Prep’s innovative teaching methods!

In today’s world, teachers and parents are adapting innovative teaching methods to create a dynamic learning environment as now kids are not used to staying in classrooms like the traditional methods. It’s not just about gaining knowledge but what the child actually learns and takes back home. We all want our children to excel in life and to provide them with a solid educational foundation, it is important to choose a preschool that emphasizes innovative teaching methods.

  1. Learning through play:

At Podar Preschool, learning is fun! As they are exposed to a variety of educational toys, games, and activities that help develop their cognitive and motor skills. This approach to learning is not only more engaging but also more effective than traditional methods.

  1. Interactive-spa

At Podar Prep, we believe in building lifelong learners, and we do this by incorporating interactive spa-sensory stimulation activities that involve their senses as they explore, imagine, and learn.

.Children learn about the world around them through their senses, and by engaging these senses, we can help them to develop their cognitive, social, and emotional skills.

3. Foundational literacy with symphonics

To make learning fun and engaging, Podar Prep uses a method called foundational literacy with symphonics. This method combines the phonics approach to reading with the help of flashcards, stories and rhymes, which helps children to remember the sounds of letters more easily and builds a foundation for reading and writing.

4. Fun with coding 

Podar Prep believes that children can learn coding even without the use of technology. Children use manipulatives like blocks and puzzles to create patterns and sequences, developing their coding skills without ever touching a computer. 

Our fun with coding program uses hands-on activities and games to introduce children to coding concepts such as sequencing, problem-solving, and logical thinking.

5. Nature-based activities

Here, we incorporate nature-based activities into our curriculum to provide children with opportunities to explore and learn about the natural world.

Nature-based activities include things like gardening, exploring the outdoors, and learning about different plants and animals. These activities help children to develop an appreciation for nature, also promote physical activity and help reduce stress and anxiety.

A Quick Wrap-up!

Choosing a preschool that emphasizes innovative teaching methods is crucial in shaping your child’s brain and preparing them for future academic success. Podar Preschool’s approach to education is designed to develop lifelong learners who are confident, curious, and eager to learn.

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