Developing Integrity with The Golden Values of Podar Prep

Developing Integrity with The Golden Values of Podar Prep

When it comes to early childhood education, Podar Prep Preschool goes beyond academics. We strongly believe in moulding young minds into compassionate and responsible individuals. Our Golden Values are an integral part of our teaching approach, which guides children to become the best versions of themselves.

Listen When Another Person is Talking: By listening when someone is speaking, children learn respect and understand the importance of empathy.

Keep Your Hands, Feet, and Any Objects to Yourself: This Golden Value is crucial for teaching personal space and the respect that comes with it. Children learn the essence of boundaries, ensuring that they grow up to be considerate individuals.

Raise Your Hand Before Speaking in a Group: Raising hands before speaking is more than just a rule; it’s about waiting for your turn while acknowledging the presence of others.

Use Soft Voices and Walking Feet: At Podar Prep, we encourage children to use soft voices and walking feet in the class, teaching them the significance of calmness and how it contributes to a positive environment.

Speak Respectfully to Classmates and Teachers: Kind words can change the world. We encourage our little ones to communicate respectfully, emphasising that their words have the power to make someone’s day better.

Keep Our Classroom Clean and Take Care of Classroom Belongings: Responsibility starts at a young age. By encouraging them to keep their surroundings clean and take care of belongings, we instil a sense of ownership and pride in their environment.

At Podar Prep, children don’t just learn to read and write but also learn life skills and crucial values that act as the building blocks of integrity which will stay with them for a lifetime.

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